Services, Expertise and Experience

Clinton Ford Billups Jr.
Entertainment Expert Consultant and Witness

​​​​​​Clinton Ford Billups Jr. is an expert consultant and witness who based on his 50-plus years of experience and specialized knowledge in the entertainment industry is competent to advise legal counsel, evaluate cases, provide expert affidavits, opinions, reports and depositions and testify in administrative or arbitration hearings and in court on entertainment trade custom, usage and practices related to personal managers, talent agents and artists engaged in entertainment, media and the performing arts, including:

  • Artist management and development.
  • Arts & Cultural Affairs Law (State of New York, General Business Law, Article 37).
  • California Fee-Related Talent Services (State of California Labor Code §1701 et seq.).
  • California Talent Agencies Act “TAA” (State of California Labor Code §1700 et seq.).  
  • Duties, responsibilities, and role of personal managers and talent agents.
  • Ethical standards for artists, personal managers, and talent agents.
  • Personal management contracts.
  • Personal Manager compensation conditions, rates, and terms.
  • Personal Manager post-termination compensation
  • State licensing requirements for personal managers and talent agents.
  • Concert touring and live event production.
  • Author and Publisher Agreements.
  • Trade customs, usage, and practices for the entertainment industry.
  • Other matters related to the entertainment industry.

Clinton Ford Billups Jr. has consulted with litigants and their attorneys in entertainment arbitration and litigation, including:

  • Gaines and Magnolia Brands v. Westport Entertainment (American Arbitration Association, Austin, TX)

  • K.G. et al v. Owl City et al. (U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey)

  • Seven Summits Pictures & Management LLC v. Zooey Deschanel (Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles)

  • National Conference of Personal Managers v. Edmund G. Brown Jr. et al. (U. S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit).

  • Meagher et al. v Goodfriend et al. (67th District Court, Tarrant County, State of Texas)

  • Harrison v. Harrison (State of Nevada, Eighth Judicial District Court).

  • Gonor v. Dale et al. (State of Nevada, Eighth Judicial District Court).

  • Raymond v. Fator (State of Nevada, Eighth Judicial District Court).

  • Marathon v. Blasi (California Supreme Court).

  • Karaszek v. Blonsky (New York Supreme Court, Nassau County).

  • Preston v. Ferrer (U. S. Supreme Court).

  • Siegel v. Bradstreet (U. S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit).

  • Greenky v. Aytes (New York Supreme Court, New York County).